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Airplane Mode is a bi-weekly newsletter from Liz Plank, a solutions-based journalist invested in your mental health rather than your clicks. I’ve won a few awards, became an international bestselling author have a regular column on MSNBC, co-host a podcast about masculinity called #ManEnough and I’m directing my first film about disability rights.

Previously, I was the executive producer and host of a few critically-acclaimed digital series at Mic, Vox Media and NBC News. I made videos about identity through the lens of national politics and also got to play go fish with Kristen Gillibrand, taught Senator Murphy how to face swap, convinced Cory Booker and Ilhan Omar to make their first Tik Toks and talked about how to fix America with Justin Trudeau. I’ve gone deep with icons like Olivia Wilde, Riz Ahmed, Esther Perel, Lena Waithe, Rainn Wilson, Matthew McConaughey and Shawn Mendes and called a “travel icon” by TIME Magazine for getting an entire plane to boogie.

I’ve written for various magazines about why performing oral sex should be mandatory for men, why we must defund the pro-life movement, white women’s complicity with racism, why it’s easier for a man to get a gun than a psychiatrist and predicted a time when male voters would flee the Republican party. And yet what got me blocked from the 45th president was a tweet probing the quality (not the content!) of the propaganda he shared on Twitter.

But when my tweets aren’t being used as evidence in class action lawsuits against a sitting president, I love to help others understand current events without making them feel worse about themselves (or the world). I believe the business model for news is broken. If it bleeds, I don’t think it has to lead. We spend so much time consuming reporting that makes us feel more hopeless about the world that we have become skewed to only perceiving its problems. I don't believe mental illness should be the opportunity cost of getting informed.

That’s why I created Airplane Mode, as a home base for solution-based journalism and positive news and culture. But it’s also a space for everything else that I think could add value to your life: essays my editor doesn’t want you to read, jokes my therapist doesn’t think I should make, intimate details from conversations with my favorite friends, mental health hacks, keto diet slander, risqué texts I didn’t send as well as local gossip and cool volunteer opportunities. My goal is to help you learn and make you smile while you’re doing it.

Why be on Airplane Mode? 👩🏻‍💜

Airplane Mode is a place for us to meet without all the distraction and all the depression, my version of a cool community center on the internet where you don’t feel judged, dumb or both. As an extremely online person I feel burned out by all the apps and wanted to create a space just for us without algorithms or the looming threat of your ex’s engagement shower pics. I hate that the only place to connect with me is somewhere that tends to make you feel bad, so I wanted to create an alternative that feels like a conversation we’re having in our respective bedrooms with our new clear v-tech wireless phones pre-call waiting, when no one could interrupt except when maybe one of our dads was getting a fax. Consider this newsletter your mental health pit stop or your spiritual speed bump. That’s what I called Airplane Mode. It’s like if a newsletter could be a vitamin. I need a place that makes me feel good, and I thought you might too.

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I’m just glad you’re here.

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