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Hear me out. I disagree w him💯. I agree w this post💯. Trying to zoom out after reflecting. Catholics be Catholics. (I was raised in & quickly abandoned the cult of shame, guilt & straight-up BS.) So many variables here. I was just 🤞🏻that the New Heights podcast would address this and they did last week. I was happy (tho unsurprised) by their take. Jason and Travis are good men. And I (hate to admit that I) generally agree with the concept that you can have a respectful relationship with a colleague (fellow player) and not agree with the majority of his opinions. {I hope you listen to the segment in the episode on YT where they talk about this.) the alternative is cancel culture. All or nothing. We don’t want that, right?

NOW. That conversation is separate from how the NFL treats players. I won’t even pretend to know the answer but I am struck personally by my thoughts that a Black man’s actions on the job are reasonable in an effort to bring awareness (or maybe simply a personal protest) but a white man’s words in a personal setting that is of his religion are so abhorrent.

When I hit dissonance like this I go to the basics. 1) what am I reacting to? 2) can I genuinely draw a comparison? 3) what are the individual points to be addressed in this larger picture? And then I have to answer to both sides check myself for bias and inconsistent judgement on the individual points.

One version of this might look like this: 1) I’m reacting to the difference in the way the NFL treats a player who is controversial. 2) Yes, NFL players said did things that some people had a problem with. 3) but the individual points do have some differences. a) one person did the thing on the job (sideline before game while in uniform) and the other was speaking in a non-job-related capacity (not in uniform nor in any FB context). Unless contracts outline this action specifically a player can say whatever they want in a situation like this. I know I don’t want MY employer to be monitoring/dictating what I can do or say on my personal time.

So as much as it hurts my soul, I’m not sure it’s a genuine comparison based on the above points. Will butler face personal backlash? I guess that depends on what he cares to pay attention to to. Should he lose his job based on statements made in his personal life on his own time? I hope not or we’re all fucked.

And I’ll finish with this - butker is a fully indoctrinated traditionalist. It’s none of my business if his wife chooses to be traditionally subservient.

And Liz, I just finished the latest Synced episode and I can’t help but wonder about the traditional dating expectations and how far removed those expectations are from where and why they started.

It’s all so damn nuanced! I love your POV about everything. So many things I can’t relate to as a lifelong midwesterner but also so many things I can relate to as a fellow human. 💞

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